The Pesticide Connection

SARIN IS AN ORGANOPHOSPHATE THAT IS LIKE A PESTICIDE FOR HUMANS. AND YET, OTHER ORGANOPHOSPHATES ARE USED AS PESTICIDES ON OUR FOOD EVERY DAY, including many fruits and vegetables eaten by children such as apples, grapes, green beans, peaches and pears.

What amount of Organophosphate Pesticides (OPs) are sprayed on our food? ABOUT 30 MILLION POUNDS PER YEAR.

Some of it winds up in your body when you eat OP sprayed food…
Some of it winds up in our rivers and streams where it spreads to aquatic wildlife, and then throughout our ecosystem…

All of it affects our nervous systems and can cause behavioral problems like ADHD, as well as brain tumors, reproductive disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, leukemia and other forms of cancer, especially in children.

We understand now that when man created Sarin, he unleashed an incredibly lethal killer that should never have existed. But the same type of nerve agent is in the OPs that we inflict on ourselves by the ton every day.

It makes no sense. We need to take back our food from this silent killer.
We’re living with this dangerous health risk because we don’t see it or smell it or taste it. But it’s there. Making us sick, and making our children sick. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Science has developed safer alternatives to OPs, including biological pheromones and other less toxic, more pest-specific insecticides.