Thousand Cranes Camp

The Whole Story

Learn more details about One Thousand Cranes Camp, its rich history, including some of the camp sketches and plans…

Mission Statement

Our vision is to create a camp as a sanctuary where children with serious illnesses and chronic
disabilities can reclaim a sense of fun, form special bonds and gain an elusive peace of mind, far away
from the whirlwind of hospitals and medical procedures. People may take such benefits for granted, but the camp will help the children feel empowered, valued, accepted and cherished.

Thousand Cranes Camp offers a series of one-week camp sessions in a beautiful natural setting, at no cost to campers and their families. The camp provides an atmosphere of love, learning, kinship, and healing of mind and spirit, regardless of the child’s race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Children with serious illnesses and chronic disabilities will be surrounded by their peers and under the supervision of trained staff. Each child will experience new opportunities to meet new friends, learn new skills, gain self-esteem and enjoy the fun of simply being a kid.

Thousand Cranes Camp will provide children with “The Four Gifts”


Our counselors, staff, and children give to each other the gift of unconditional love. At Thousand Cranes Camp, children are not teased about their appearance or physical challenges, nor are they avoided out of the fear that so often results in rejection or neglect.


Thousand Cranes Camp is nestled within a stunning surrounding of natural beauty. Forests, lakes, and diverse wildlife serve as a reminder that despite each child’s challenges, he or she is alive. In our setting children naturally recover a sense of vibrancy and vitality.


Often children with serious illnesses and chronic disabilities find reminders of their condition at every turn. At camp this burden melts away, the kids embrace a sense of community and fun, and they are given the chance to forget their illness for a few precious moments and simply be.


The gifts of love, life, and being work in synergy to create the gift of healing. In addition, Thousand Cranes Camp’s emphasis on unity with nature and respect for the environment promotes a holistic healing of mind and spirit.

Program Benefits

  • Outdoor learning: gaining valuable insights into nature, animals, and the human role in nurturing and protecting our environment.
  • Peer interaction: enabling children to form lasting friendships with peers going through the same experiences.
  • Family community and cooperation: breaking the cycle of isolation by building a support system with other families in similar situations.
  • Freedom from financial stress: Thousand Cranes Camp is completely free of charge to campers and their families.