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Overview of One Thousand Cranes Camp

One Thousand Cranes Camp provides a sanctuary where children ages 7-15 years of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds can enjoy being a kid. They can laugh and play, sing and shout, interact and bond with other children with similar illnesses and challenges, and — at least temporarily — forget about their problems while learning important life skills.

Each summer, One Thousand Cranes Camp will provide hundreds of children opportunities to participate in arts and crafts, sports, swimming, fishing, hiking, boating, poetry, horseback riding, and caring for onsite camp animals. Special emphasis is placed on a healthy living cycle, including hands-on learning about organic farming and nutritious eating, free of pesticides that can damage developing children’s health.

The Camp will hold special events such as  a Gala, Pow-Wow, Camp Dance, Awards Night, Carnivale, and “Cabin Chats.” These events provide valuable opportunities for campers to perform, celebrate life, make lasting friendships, and give each other inspiration and support.

Camping activities are inherently enjoyable and therapeutic. However, we believe the essential camp experience not only enhances our children’s enjoyment, but also contributes to their physical and emotional well-being. A session at One Thousand Cranes Camp gives special needs children and disadvantaged children a crucial boost in self- esteem, and important tools to take home and help them face their ongoing challenges.

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One Thousand Cranes Commitment to Our Children

One Thousand Cranes has four cornerstones, known as the Thousand Cranes Gifts, which are the foundation of the entire initiative.

The Gift of Love

Our counselors, staff and children give each other the gift of unconditional love. At Thousand Cranes children do not tease each other about their appearance, cognitive, emotional or physical challenges, as often happens in the school environment.

The Gift of Life

The One Thousand Cranes Camp will be nestled in a stunning setting of natural beauty. Forests, lakes and diverse wildlife serve as reminders that despite each child’s challenges, he or she is truly alive. In our surroundings, children naturally recover their sense of vitality and vibrancy.

The Gift of Being

Often children with either chronic disabilities or life threatening illness confront reminders of their condition at every turn in their life. We de-emphasize the fact of illness or disability, embrace a sense of community and fun, giving our children a very valuable gift; an opportunity to ignore the backdrop of illness for a few precious days and simply be…

The Gift of Healing

The gifts of love, life, and being provided by the Thousand Cranes Camp experience work in synergy to create the gift of healing. Although we cannot cure or erase a child’s illness or impairment, the camp experience is loving and fun and does much to heal a child’s challenged spirit. In addition, the Thousand Cranes Camp’s emphasis on unity with respect for nature, as well as our embrace of holistic principles, promotes healing of mind and spirit.

The Thousand Cranes Camp aims to provide every child with these four gifts, regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, severity of illness or disability, or degree of emotional distress.